Modular Quick Release System to Optimize the Individual War fighter's Ergonomics

J. Bowerman
Bowerbags LLC, United States

Keywords: Modular, Ergonomics, IFAK’s, Weight Load Management, CASEVAC

Lower back pain is the most common injury of war. Weight of the equipment worn was found to be the leading cause of lower back pain for all soldiers during the Afghanistan deployment. Flak vests and backpacks are a necessary part of a medic, first responder, and warfighter’s rig. The Molle and PALS system is the standard system of attachment for backpacks and flak vests across all military branches and while the Molle system creates a secure attachment it is very difficult to change or alter any attachments once secured on the Molle system. The time taken to set-up a flak vest can really add-up, especially when a pouch has a plurality of straps to secure to the Molle system. Bowerbags has developed a modular quick release clipping system with multi-use purposes for the medical, tactical, and first responder communities. When passing medical kits or communications packages from one operator to another it takes significant time to remove or secure a MOLLE attachment to the current system, increasing mobility for medics during CASEVAC’s or Dustoff’s. Bowerbags system can save time and save lives reducing or eliminating time spent attaching items in the field and during training.