Artificial Intelligence System That Benchmarks Innovation Strategy Against A Roadmap of Future Technology

M. Price
Vector Analytics, North Carolina, United States

Keywords: technology benchmarking, technology roadmap, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology landscape, technology assessment

This proposed AI System will benchmark an organization’s innovation or R&D strategy (represented by a document collection such as patents or an organization’s descriptions of internal R&D activities) against a definition of the future direction of an industry sector or a future technology roadmap. The case study we propose would evaluate how well leading defense contractors’ patenting strategies align with the US DOD’s RDT&E plan as defined by the DOD’s FY19 Future Years Defense Plan. Through the case study, this AI system will distill R&D topics from the FY19 RDT&E budget request. These R&D topics will represent multiple program elements from the DOD budget, from multiple services. The AI system will then search for these R&D topics in the patent portfolios of leading defense contractors. The R&D topics mined from the defense budget can also be used to benchmark the US against its near peers (China, Russia, etc.) by leveraging global patent and scholarly publication data. The proposed AI system will provide an advantage over current solutions as it benchmarks an organization’s innovation strategy against a definition of a future market, industry sector, or technology roadmap. Current solutions only benchmark an organization against other competitors.