Bioinspired Polymeric Nanoparticles as Universal Antivenom

Y. Xu, B. Brooks, Z. Zhou, C. Tison
Luna Innovations Inc, United States

Keywords: nanoparticles, antivenom, snake bite

Special Operations Forces that are deployed in austere areas are associated with an increased risk of envenomation. Current treatment uses species-specific or polyvalent antivenins that are generated from the sera of animals immunized with whole venom, necessitating the correct identification of the venomous species and continuous injection of large volume of antibodies at an ICU-capable medical facility with increased risk of life-threatening complications. There is a clear capability gap to protect deployed soldiers against venom exposure. Luna is developing affinity polymeric nanoparticles that can capture and neutralize a broad range of medically important venom toxins as universal antivenom. This product is ambient-temperature stable as a safer alternative to their biological counterparts. Luna has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of a synthetic nanoparticle-based material for universal venom neutralization including viper and elapid snakes. Currently, Luna is working on the safety, and pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in compliance with GLP standards along with preclinical nanoparticle formulations and analytical development to support an IND package.