Long Lasting Drug Implants for Malaria Chemoprophylaxis

F. Liu, J. Zhou
Zymeron Corporation, United States

Keywords: Malaria, Implant, Drug Delivery, Prophylaxis, Pharmaceutical

Oral chemoprophylaxis is currently the US Army’s major intervention strategy in the prevention of malaria. However, it has been reported that compliance with the prescribed dosing regimen (i.e. daily oral tablets) by deployed service members is notoriously low (ranging from 30% to 56%) due to side effects, forgetfulness, and low perception of risk. This poor compliance was a major contributing factor of the failure to prevent malaria infection in US military deployment to tropical regions. An implantable long-acting chemoprophylaxis device with potency and safety better than or comparable to the current standard of care would significantly reduce the logistic burden and eliminate medication noncompliance, and consequently improve the quality of preventative care for service members in malaria endemic regions. Zymeron develops a novel implant that elutes anti-malaria drugs at a constant rate for many months. The implants have very high drug loading and were demonstrated to sustain long-term activity against parasites in a proof of concept animal study.