Autonomous, Off-grid, On-base Production of Low-cost Hydrogen Fuel from SEIG-mode Wind Turbines and PV Arrays

W.C. Leighty
Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc., Alaska, United States

Keywords: hydrogen, autonomous, SEIG-mode, wind turbine, PV array

Autonomous, economical, off-Grid Hydrogen fuel and chemical feedstocks production, from synergistic co-production in co-located wind turbines and PV arrays -- where good wind and solar resources are available -- may provide energy security for most larger military bases. An advanced circuit topology called Self Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) will allow production of wind-source, carbon-free, hydrogen and/or ammonia fuels at lower cost than with today's windplants dedicated exclusively to grid delivery. Modern advanced-topology power electronics allows equipping wind turbines with simple, rugged, low-cost, induction motors as generators, reducing wind capex and opex, with close-coupling to electrolysis stacks for further plant-gate-cost reduction in carbon-free fuel production for low-cost, annual-scale, grid-firming storage. We will use our small, 13-turbine windplant in Palm Springs, CA, for R&D&Demonstration of the complete, pilot-scale, wind + PV hydrogen production system. Scale-up to total base energy + hydrocarbon fuels synthesis from electrolytic hydrogen via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis will require follow-on R&D&D. We have assembled team for application for fed and State of California funds for this project, without success. Increasing interest in diverse hydrogen systems, and in energy security, will justify this investment, leading to product line commercialization, scale-up, and deployment.