An Automatic Video Enhancement Solution for Video Capture Systems

S. Abidi
Phelps2020, Tennessee, United States

Keywords: computer vision, AI, EO/IR sensor, ISR, UAV

Phelps2020 is a computer vision startup that has recently developed an automatic video enhancement software called IVA-PP. Our product integrates with existing video capture systems to correct issues such as shadows, low-light and glare so that users can tell what is going on in live video and images. Whether it is a school campus security feed, a concert photo taken on your iPhone, or a drone circling a battlefield, we enable users to better identify people, objects and actions in their video content. Our team is led by two industry leading computer vision and Hardware Architecture Scientists. Dr. Besma Abidi and Dr. Mongi Abidi have a combined 430 publications and 5 books in the area of computer vision and have conducted dozens of research and development engagements for various government agencies including the DoD, DoE and DHS. The development of IVA-PP was a multi-year effort conducted in conjunction with SOCOM that built on their knowledge base to provide a truly revolutionary product with applications in multiple end-markets such as: Military, Law Enforcement, Commercial Video Surveillance, Autonomous Vehicles and Social Media.