Protected Communications in Highly Contested Environments

K. Chen
Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. – Secure Communications Business Unit, California, United States

Keywords: protected communications, highly contested environment, protected waveform, software define radio (SDR)

Cubic’s innovative, open standard, Merlin waveform implementation provides robust, protected communications from electromagnetic warfare threat in highly contested environments. This modeless, protected waveform operates below the noise floor without any distinguishing or detectable features and thus is an ideal Low Probability of Detection, Low Probability of Intercept, and Anti-Jam (LPD-LPI-AJ) waveform for Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). Cubic derived this waveform’s superior performance from the specific signal process design techniques targeting for the best LPD-LPD-AJ performance only limited by law of physics. All other known protected waveforms cannot provide the protection, flexibility, and feature set offered by the Merlin waveform, which the U.S. Army, US Navy, and US Air Force have all verified independently. Classified reports are available. The MerlinTM waveform is radio platform–agnostic, can operate in any military or commercial band, and is portable to other radios, which fosters widespread adoption and enables interoperability across many platforms. In addition, pairing our high TRL and advanced waveforms with highly capable system solutions ensures data transmission and reception in both permissive and highly contested environments. It allows operators to port waveforms to a third-party vendor’s SDR or open architecture structure.