Dynamic redistribution of variable load demand across three phase power

S. Karban, M. Erickson
Product Development Associates, Minnesota, United States

Keywords: Load balancing, power distribution, expeditionary power distribution

Correction of line unbalanced in 3 phase power systems is an emerging opportunity for new efficiencies in expeditionary power generation and distribution. Unbalanced loads put greater demands on generation/distribution equipment, resulting in higher fuel usage and instability of power to critical equipment. This can result in reduced material readiness and have significant negative impact on mission accomplishment. Present methods rely on manually assigning the multiple single phase loads to a specific line phase to achieve balance - by itself this method generally produces sub optimized results. Product Development Associates (PDA) has developed a solution that builds upon and refines present methods by adding an automatic, dynamic redistribution function that shifts variable load demand across the 3 line phases. The PDA Parallel Phase Balancer monitors line loading on each phase, draws additional power from lightly loaded line phases, and pushing it onto more heavily loaded load phases. This approach achieves a high overall efficiency of 98% and is highly fault tolerant. PDA has built an engineering development model (EDM) in the 4-8kW range and is working on extending the solution to the 30-40kW range to address a greater range of military and commercial requirements.