SAUREN elevate the next-gen Data Resilience & Operation Efficiency

J. Song
Genesis Codes Inc, California, United States

Keywords: Swift Data Transmission, Data Centric Security, LPD/LPI, Data Resilience, Efficiency

SAUREN (Secure Adaptive Ultra-reliable Resilient Efficient Network) is a software-defined solution, that can enable a lightning speed of data movement, reduce latency, improve data security, reliability, and overall resilience, and reduce total cost of operation. The distinguishing feature of our solution lies in the innovative channel coding technique, which greatly enhances network reliability and system resilience, and enables LPD/LPI operations even when we utilize public network assets. Built on this novel channel coding foundation, we develop a swift and reliable data transport protocol to support swift and high-performance (>10X faster than Internet Standard) data transport over distance or poor network conditions (under electronic warfare interference). This solution accommodates flexible network topography and supports dynamic mesh networks to support resilient connectivity. Notably enhancing network resilience, efficiency, and simplicity, effectively reduces the total cost of ownership (setup, operation, and maintenance expenses). The technology was invented late last year, and since then, we have won multiple SBIR awards from DoD and are collaborating with many of the largest Primes in the defense industry. This dual-use technology also has a profound impact on the way we utilize over the internet, touching everyone's digital life.