Ai Backed- Genetic Algorithm Based Electronically Reconfigurable Antenna

V. Gjokaj
NuPhotonics LLC, Michigan, United States

Keywords: Ai, Genetic algorithm, Antenna, Reconfigurable, Electronic

We show our simulation based genetic algorithm controlling a reconfigurable antenna. The genetic algorithm controls RF switches to create current paths for a microstrip pixelated antenna. We further develop this and Artificial intelligence to control the antenna. The Artificial intelligence builds its data set off of the genetic algorithm for operating frequencies. The performance criteria of the antenna are based off of a network analyzer where it is solving for a S11 < -10 dB. We finish this off with showing a transmit and receive testbed where a transmit antenna is attached to a signal generator and the reconfigurable antenna is attached to a spectrum analyzer, we simulate a jamming signal with another transmit antenna and we show how the AI reacts and reconfigures the antenna to another operating frequency based on what it learned from the network analyzer to avoid the jamming signal.