secureSYS: The New Era of Hardware Cyber Defense

B. Land
AVANT Solutions Group dba AVANT Secure PC, Alabama, United States

Keywords: cybersecurity, hardware security, anti-malware, cyber defense, hardware patch

AVANT’s securely configured hardware (not software) patched computing systems is the most robust cyber protection available. Providing normal operating system and program activity to the end user. When operating system and program file updates are needed, an authorized individual can insert the physical 2048-bit authentication key to make permanent changes. When the updates/changes are completed, simply pull the key from the AVANT computing system and perform a shutdown to enter user mode. Current reactive anti-virus software on the market requires a database of known malware in order to detect a malicious attack. With a proactive AVANT system, you’re protected from the time you power on with no known malware database needed. The impacts on infrastructure and defense industry are endless. The Warfighter needs to be focused on fighting the enemy and not worrying whether their system was just hit with a cyber-attack. Water treatment facilities can rest knowing malware or user error can’t permanently change their chemical settings. Banks can now easily tackle the insider threat issue with our two-person integrity physical key principle in place. AVANT’s read-only user systems give the power back to the system owner and not the “bad guy.”