The interplay between peak performance and concussion impairment: Emerging insights from objective neurophysiological monitoring

R. D'Arcy
HealthTech Connex, Massachusetts, United States

Poster stand number: W131

Keywords: neurophysiology, cognition, brain vital signs, concussion, peak performance

Along the brain health continuum, research seldom examines the practical interplay between performance and impairment. However, these factors are often inextricably intertwined in real world demands for elite athletes, military personnel, and many other professionals (e.g., stunt performers, mixed martial artists, adventure sports, etc.). In these situations, practical benchmarks of objective neurophysiological status represents the missing “vital sign” for optimizing performance and monitoring long-term health outcomes. Using cognitive evoked potential methodology (i.e., event-related potentials, or ERPs), it has been possible to extract vital neural responses across the spectrum of information processing – from lower level sensory processing (the N100 ERP), to mid-level attention processing (the P300 ERP), to higher level cognitive processing (the N400 ERP). Objective neurophysiological measures can be utilized through the NeuroCatch® Platform to identify a standardized continuum that enables benchmarking, monitoring, optimization, and treatment. Within this framework, peak performance and concussion can be represented as realistically inter-related issues capable of being objectively evaluated along the same continuum using accessible, portable neurotechnology advances.