Batt Mag – Low-Cost and Man-Portable Light-Weight Power Management for the Dismounted Soldier

B. Burns and T. Ford
Adventure Lights Inc., QC, Canada

Keywords: Battery, Power Management, Energy Harvesting, Energy Scavaging, Energy Efficiency

The man-portable Batt Mag drains power from partly depleted batteries that would otherwise be discarded in the field. It uses the energy from the discharging cells to recharge batteries and rechargeable devices, thereby, extending mission-critical power by recharging USB devices (i.e. smartphones, power sticks), or daisy chained to power larger power supplies a handy feature when no wall socket or generator is available. The Batt Mag is a lightweight, durable and wearable device with advanced human factor features and ergonomic design that fits into standard dual magazine ammo pouches found in soldier’s vests and backpacks. It can be used independently to power multiple USB devices or daisy-chained to power larger 12V/24V power supplies. The Batt Mag does not require any internal battery power to achieve its harvesting efficiency and can harvest energy from Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) batteries in all chemical formulations (i.e. lithium to primary cell alkaline). The BMH can harvest power from as few as one AA or 123A to as many as eight AAs and six 123As simultaneously. The man-portable cost-effective BMH provides the dismounted soldier augmented power supply redundancy and reliability while extending mission-critical power and interfacing with existing power management soldier systems and technologies.