AI goes to Space

R.J. Ward, and T. Hehn
OrbitsEdge, Inc., Florida, United States

Keywords: AI, Autonomy, Navigation, Observation, ISAM

Our innovation is an architecture that allows Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) compute hardware to operate for long durations in space environments with radiation and thermal environments at various orbits and regions of near and deep space. We offer a combination of physical, low mass radiation shielding with an integrated thermal management system to accommodate modern compute hardware of given Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) categories. Our initial product roadmap is built around SWaPs starting at 10 Watts, moving to 100W, then 1,000W. At these sizes, we can offer modern compute suitable for various satellite sizes. Our product offerings incorporate Nvidia SBCs such as the Jetson Nano, the A100, HPE micro data servers, or other GPU and TPU based computers as they make their way into the terrestrial markets. This capability allows varying degrees of AI to be employed on board satellites to aid in various tasks. We are working to train AI agents to perform various tasks from Earth Observation Analytics to Navigation to Satellite Servicing. AI agents allow AI As-A-Service for satellites. OrbitsEdge is at the forefront of bringing AI to LEO and beyond as the space domain grows in importance and sophistication.