Closed Loop Energy Ecosystem for for Secure Energy Storage and Delivery for Defense Enabled by High Energy Density Flow Batteries

J. Katsoudas
Influit Energy, Illinois, United States

Keywords: Energy Storage, Microgrids, Rechargeable battery, Flow Battery, Refueling

Reliance on vulnerable fuel supply lines costs lives. Influit Energy's nanoelectrofuel (NEF) closed-loop energy ecosystems provide a transformative energy storage solution that would enable distributed, renewable power generation at ROB and FOBs. Mobile NEF energy storage systems enable accumulating intermittent renewable energy and delivering charged fluid to remote bases and vehicles. Influit Energy has pioneered an innovative approach to developing NEFs that merges the key advantages of packaged solid state batteries and flow batteries. Our proprietary processes enable creating low viscosity nanoparticle suspensions in aqueous electrolytes (cathode and anode NEFs) that can uniquely achieve high energy density rivaling lithium-ion batteries while remaining stable, non-flammable and non-explosive fluids. Their wide operating temperature range enhances resilience. NEFs avoid risky foreign supply chain dependence through earth-abundant materials. Rapid refueling by fluid exchange allows exploiting renewables despite intermittency. Soldiers can directly access stored renewable energy from NEFs transported to the battlefield, increasing silent watch capabilities. Influit's NEF ecosystem integrates the resilience of flow batteries with advanced battery chemistry, removing reliance on vulnerable fossil fuel supply convoys. Transitioning to this distributed renewable infrastructure would strengthen energy security, support warfighter effectiveness, and enable sustainable electricity critical for military readiness.