Zero Trust Data: Network ready data implemented using structured cryptography

Y. Auh
NUTS Technologies Inc., Illinois, United States

Poster stand number: T117

Keywords: data, privacy, cryptography, cybersecurity, resilience

The inventor will walk through the concepts and implementation of Security at the Data Layer that is new to the field. It is technology that has produced 10 international patents. The approaches taken will show how organizations of any size (including individuals) can protect themselves from ransomware, insider threats, and data loss prevention. We have seen that Key ownership is critical to proving data ownership thus this technology intrinsically allows each user to automatically store, manage, and protect their own cryptographic keys. We will show techniques where protected data storage structures can allow data to be more useful to its own management and protections. The motivations behind our technology prioritizes technical control automations over modifying human behaviors. We should demand more from our technology and the user deserves better.