Scalable Architectures for Battlefield Energy Management

R. Rahman, P. Ampadu
BEM Controls, United States

Keywords: battlefield, energy, IOT, control, soldier

Management of battlefield energy consumption requires a contextualized understanding of energy usage patterns in-theater under unique field conditions in order to develop real-time energy control platforms. BEM Controls has developed WiseBldg, an open architecture energy IOT platform that has been successfully deployed in public sector and private buildings as well as for lighting applications in military installations such as the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD) Headquarters in West Bethesda, Maryland. These deployments have led to generalizable observations about the design of energy management system architectures and information processes which can be scaled down to manage energy consumption of individual connected soldiers powering wearable weapons and communications systems while also scaling up to digitally enabled battlefields that connect weapons systems, deployed Internet of Things (IOT) sensors and other secured smart systems. The proposed research would study the energy consumption of in-theater warfighting systems, with focus on generalized and system specific energy data, control parameters, and visualization requirements for efficient energy management at the soldier and networked battlefield levels. Additionally, security vulnerabilities of energy management systems in different battlefield contexts will be examined to better understand tradeoffs between cybersecurity and energy control in real-time combat contexts.