Scalable Software Controlled Microassembly Printer

E. Chow
PARC, a part of SRI International, California, United States

Keywords: additive, assembly, heterogeneous, electronics, materials

Electronics and materials would be transformed by the general ability to assemble heterogeneous microscale building blocks into macroscale objects. Each pixel, or voxel, could use the best building block (circuit, device or material, from the best nanofab process) for the best functionality. The building blocks could be precisely integrated with enough throughput to build macrobojects. A digital process could sort the building blocks for yield management, enable real-time defect healing, and rapid prototyping of custom designs. PARC, a part of SRI, aims to realize this new capability through a new computer controlled, fluidic microassembly process. Our initial prototype microassembly printer systems use scalable software and processes to show assembly and transfer of chips/objects (5-200um) into millimeter and centimeter scale outputs with micrometer precision. The architecture has the potential for smaller building blocks and larger outputs. MicroLED display is the first industrial target application; active metamaterials, integrated circuit chiplets, microsolar arrays, 2D materials, energetics and magnetics are other early interest areas. We seek sponsors, collaborations with system designers and building block developers to target exciting new applications.