Optix: the Lens Through Which You View the World

J. Hughes, J. Morgan
Commonwealth Computer Research, United States

Keywords: Big Data, Geospatial, Spatio-Temporal, Cloud, Streaming

CCRi’s Optix platform is a COTS family of advanced cloud-based computing capabilities, focused on location intelligence and multi-INT discovery, fusion, and analysis for a variety of use cases. Based on the highly successful THRESHER platform, which uses an industry standard Lambda architecture to support both streaming and batch data processing, Optix fully embraces cloud computing to enable faster analyses. To do this, Optix uses three key big data concepts as core capabilities: rapid, resilient, and robust infrastructure systems. Optix is designed for rapid activity supporting “data to knowledge,” allowing the introduction and cataloging of new data in a matter of hours; further, through the elastic scaling of modern cloud infrastructures, the Optix platform is both dynamic and expandable, able to keep pace with the growing data volumes and velocity collected in the current information environment. Complimenting these same cloud characteristics, Optix is also resilient through its auto-scaling, elastic network assignments, and automatic provisioning/re-provisioning of failed resources. Finally, being resilient fosters system functioning that is robust and able to change as user numbers, analytic needs, and data sources dictate, via pluggable, open, standards-based interfaces. Use Optix as the lens through which you view the World!