Sensor-agnostic Edge/Fog AI Platform

B. Abidi
Phelps2020, Inc., Tennessee, United States

Poster stand number: T147

Keywords: Edge Processing, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Video Analytics, AI, EO/IR

Phelps2020 just delivered to a DoD agency within a Phase III SBIR an end-to-end versatile data analysis platform that accommodates multiple EO/IR video sensor inputs simultaneously, integrates multiple reconfigurable, fused Computer Vision and AI/ML algorithms, outputs smartly encoded results, all within an accelerated low latency and low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) scalable, optimally networked edge, fog-ready, processing architecture. Phelps2020’s platform combines signals, features, data, and information to provide real-time actionable intelligence, both remotely and on-site, using multi-spatial, multi-signal, and multi-reports for increased confidence. The Platform is scalable from its current man-portability all the way to flying on SUAS via Phelps2020’s latest 2x3 inch AI-Blade architecture.