Clean and Resilient Energy: BlockEnergy's Solution for Civilian Homes and Military Operations

G. Oppedahl
BlockEnergy, Florida, United States

Keywords: microgrid, resiliency, energy, security, sustainable

BlockEnergy's modular microgrid system revolutionizes energy supply for both civilian homes and military operations. By utilizing a clean, direct-current distribution network and distributed battery storage, the system ensures highly efficient energy distribution and utilization. During normal operations, BlockEnergy's microgrid operates in conjunction with utilities, efficiently utilizing the available grid power. The system optimizes energy use and ensures uninterrupted power supply to both civilian homes and military operations, enhancing reliability. In the event of an emergency, the microgrid seamlessly transitions to an islanded mode, providing uninterrupted power to critical facilities like military operations centers. The distributed battery network provides the capability to direct stored energy to prioritized loads, allowing for additional back-up capabilities in a resource-limited situation. The system of distributed storage manages itself utilizing decentralized energy management algorithms and power line communication, not relying on potentially-vulnerable communication networks, ensuring national security and operational continuity. By offering a reliable power supply in both connected and islanded modes, BlockEnergy's modular microgrid system enhances energy security, resilience, and operational efficiency for both civilian and military applications. It represents a significant step toward sustainable, reliable, and uninterrupted energy supply, making it an ideal choice for various critical infrastructure needs.