Single photon sensor for photon stream communication, photon counting, and quantum communication

M. Yamamoto
Purdue University, United States

Keywords: photon stream communication, long distance underwater range finding, low noise high spped single photon sensor

We have developed a very high-speed series of single photon sensors. These represent more than an order faster than any current sensor, 2 orders more saturation, 2 orders lower background than commercial SiPM, and have wavelengths ranges from 350 to 900nm. The high speed and high capacity sensors are transformational in single photon sensing and have interest in photon communication particularly in water, encryption, and highly sensitive material analysis. We have also developed a 42 ch single photon sensor array and high speed (Ghz) electronics for multiparameter single photon detection for spectral analysis which can be combined with either biological or materials analysis. A single channel sensor is already commercialized.