SMART Sensors for the Detection of Metal Ions in Orthopedic Patients

M.T. Mathew
University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Illinois, United States

Poster stand number: T135

Keywords: Metal ion, Implants, Orthopedics

As per 2016 statistics, over 2.5 million Americans living with a total hip replacement are accompanied by a 10% implant failure rate with no way of detecting a failure until it occurs. These implant failures are often a result of tribocorrosion of the implant. This continued exposure results in complications or failure of an orthopedic device. Since implant failure is often due to the release of metal ions from the implant into the body, there is an urgent need to develop an affordable, fast, and reliable technique to monitor metal ion levels in orthopedic patients. Our proposed solution is to develop a biosensor calibrated to detect metal ions using electrochemical changes in a tested solution. Experiments were performed with a DropSens biosensor connected to a potentiostat in an ASTM standard three-electrode cell configuration. A standard protocol was used for the electrochemical testing. This sensor will act as an effective diagnostic tool aiding in the clinical examination of the implant performance, as well as guide the next steps in clinical care for patients with metal implants. Biosensor kits can be provided to the patients for routine check-ups at home.