Low Signature Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV Powered by Ion Propulsion

T. Pribanic
Undefined Technologies, Florida, United States

Poster stand number: W149

Keywords: ion propulsion, UAV, noise, eVTOL, UAS

Undefined Technologies, a Florida-based startup, is developing a dual-use VTOL silent drone powered by ion propulsion. The fully electric aircraft uses innovative physics to generate high levels of thrust with minimum noise signature. The technology works by increasing the energy density of the ion cloud surrounding the UAV to yield propulsion rates of over 150% compared to existing solid-state propulsion technologies. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the craft is TRL3. Having completed three mission flights with a loiter time of five minutes, the craft is projected to reach flight times comparable to typical existing VTOL UAVs by the end of 2023. Having received strong interest from the largest drone delivery companies in the private sector, its low noise characteristics will also offer the Warfighter an unfair advantage on the battlefield.