Inexpensive, Field-Portable, Rugged, 3-Module Voltammetric Electrochemical Sensor System with PPB Sensitivity, Multi-Analyte Detection and Discrimination for the Detection of Environmental Contaminants

B.J. Zay, P. Chandrasekhar
Ashwin Ushas Corp, United States

Keywords: sensor, environmental, contaminant, threat, rapid

Ashwin-Ushas Corp has developed an inexpensive, field portable, rugged, 3-module electrochemical sensor system for the rapid, ppb-level, in-situ analysis of metal ions (e.g. Pb, Hg, Cd, CrIII, CrIV, etc.), munitions residues (e.g. TNT, DNT, RDX, TNP, TATP, HMX, etc.), hydrocarbons (e.g. aromatics, aliphatics including gasoline, etc.), PCBs and PFOAs/PFOSs. The three modules are: (1) Android phone (or tablet) control interface (16 hrs use), small form factor and light weight make the system extremely portable: phone < 0.5g, ca. 1.4 x 3.5 x