Continuous Flow MOF Synthesis in Supercritical CO2

E. Rasmussen, M. Hossain, J. Kramlich, A. Mamishev, I Novosselov
University of Washington, Washington, United States

Poster stand number: W105

Keywords: Metal-Organic Framework materials, continuous manufacturing synthesis

The high surface areas and tunable porous structures of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) materials offer desirable capabilities in a wide range of applications. One challenge to the widespread use of MOFs is a lack of large-scale manufacturing synthesis processes. This paper presents a novel method of continuous synthesis of MOF using supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2), introduced through a custom counter-current mixer, to provide enhanced heat and mass transfer to MOF precursor materials. The method was used to synthesize the zirconium-based MOF UiO-66 at a production rate of 104 g/h. Synthesis of UiO-66 was confirmed via SEM images, powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) spectra, and physisorption analysis. Additionally, testing showed that this method could be used to activate as well as continuously synthesize MOF materials. Additionally, the method was applied for synthesis of two other MOFs: HKUST-1 and SBMOF-1, demonstrating the practicality of continuous flow scCO2 MOF synthesis. The method results in rapid reaction time (