Smart Individualized Near-face Extended Wear (SINEW) Mask

C. Yu, A. Lau, E. Martija, J. Hao, S. Makhsous, A. Mamishev
University of Washington, Washington, United States

Poster stand number: T136

Keywords: personal protection equipment,

Presenting a new type of personal protection device, called the Smart Individualized Near-face Extended Wear (SINEW) APR. What makes this design unique is that the mask does not come in contact with the skin of the wearer’s face while filtering out all particles in both exhaling and inhaling cycles. A comfortable headband keeps the mask in place so that it matches the comfort of a well-fit bicycle helmet. The filtering action takes place along the entire perimeter of the mask, a few millimeters away from the face. Particles and droplets present in the air are removed with electrostatic forces. While this principle is common for industrial electrostatic precipitators and in HVAC equipment, having your own wearable filter of this type is a novel approach, enabled only by the recent miniaturization of high-voltage power electronics (which reduces weight and improves energy efficiency) and by the advances in material science, specifically in catalytic coatings, which prevent the generation of hazardous levels of ozone. The design is currently in the top 10 finalists of the BARDA National Mask Challenge, from almost 1,500 submissions.