A Camera Based Diverse Molecular Detection System Using Plasmonic Platforms

Y. Zhao, L. Sun, C. Dong, S. Ravi, M. E. Zaghloul
The George Washington University, United States

Keywords: Diverse sensing system, portable, machine learning, nanotechnology, plasmonic

In this project, we propose a Nano-Hole Array (NHA) based plasmonic sensing system that can provide diverse sensing for applications including but not limited in gases, proteins, DNAs, cells, etc. Nanohole arrays with diameters of 80 nm ~ 200 nm and periods of 160 nm ~ 400 nm will be created on a 10 mm x 5 mm chip. Each Nano-hole array occupies area of 300 um x 300 um (Over 500,000 Nano-holes in each array). The large area makes the NHA sensors be easily measured by a CMOS camera. Image processing will be applied on the images to grab HSV color channel values from each sensor. The HSV value for each sensor will be used in a neuron network-based machine learning system to train the sensors to discriminate and quantify different bio-markers. The proposed device can be integrated together with electronic components such as LEDs, CMOS imagers, controllers, etc. to make a portable sensing system that can be used outside the labs.