A Forehead Wearable for Objective Measure of Dyspnea and Air-Hunger

M. Orzabal
CereVu Medical, Texas, United States

Poster stand number: W134

Keywords: Wearable, Continuous, Real-time, dyspnea, COPD, Asthma, Breathlessness

Assessment of respiratory health in war fighters/veterans is very important, as reflected in the recently passed PACT Act. Dyspnea/breathlessness is a life-threatening symptom in respiratory disorders such as COPD, a disease that impacts 6% of the US population and costs $49B to manage in the US. Veterans are 5x more likely to have COPD. Existing methods of dyspnea assessment are limited to subjective ratings and do not reflect changes over time. We developed a small forehead wearable with an iOS app termed Vitality that captures vital signs and a novel biomarker for objective, real-time and continuous dyspnea scoring using proprietary algorithms. Vital signs collected with Vitality from healthy volunteers were cross-validated using Masimo’s MightySat oximeter. Dyspnea scoring was tested by performing two exercises to induce dyspneic conditions: A) 30sec breath hold; B) breathing into bag for 2min. During exercise A, Vitality’s dyspnea score increased during dyspnea phases. During exercise B, there was also a clear increase in dyspnea score. The Vitality and MightySat devices performed similarly in measuring resting vital signs collected prior to both dyspnea exercises. Vitality accurately measures and scores dyspnea using cerebral hemodynamic changes. No other devices offer the ability to objectively measure dyspnea.