A Point of Care Diagnostic Platform for In-Theater and En Route Warfighter Care

Instadiagnostics Inc., United States

Keywords: POC, Diagnostics, In-Theater, In-Field, Rapid

Instadiagnostics’ has developed a multiplexed, quantitative, and rapid Point of Care diagnostic technology that has the potential to bring a wide range of lab-quality proteomic and electrochemical tests to providers across the spectrum of military medical care (Roles 1-4). A single hand-held reader can provide responsive, in-theater medical diagnostic capabilities to improve combat casualty care, medical readiness assessments, and health surveillance missions. Our device consists of a field deployable, portable reader and disposable disease-specific/cross-disease cartridges that accept small volumes of unprocessed whole-blood. Each cartridge contains a multi-sensor biochip that allow for the simultaneous and label-free detection of multiple biomarkers in a single sample with results (quantitative or qualitative) provided within 15 minutes.