Injectable Hydrogels for the Percutaneous Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease

E. Brewer, P. Wilson, T. Schaer, Z. Brown, A. Lowman, W. Niland
ReGelTec, Inc., United States

Keywords: Spine, Disease, Biomechanics, Pain, Biotech

ReGelTec, Inc. is developing HydraFil®, an innovative hydrogel for chronic back pain due to degenerative disc disease that, when heated, can be injected percutaneously into the nucleus of the disc via a fine gauge needle. HydraFil® is designed to augment a “flat disc” and is expected to become an alternative to opioid pain medication therapy in patients who fail conservative care before they are forced to consider surgical interventions like microdiscectomy, total disc replacement and fusion. The technology is the culmination of almost two decades of research in Dr. Anthony Lowman’s lab and is protected by a broad portfolio of issued patents. ReGelTec has generated proof-of-principle data in large animals and expects to begin an Early Feasibility Study in human subjects in early 2020. The company is run by an experienced cross-functional team of scientists and medical device professionals with a track record of founding and building successful medical device companies. The company has secured $2M in seed funding, is planning to apply for SBIR funding and will raise a $5M - $7M Series A round to finance the EFS. The team would be honored to work on a specific project to benefit members of our armed forces.