Blockchain for Emergency Treatment for In-Theatre Troops

H.B. Grofe, and W. Charles
Nerthus Consulting LLC, United States

Keywords: Combat care, health data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, interoperability

Despite all the advancements in emergency treatment for combat injuries, the greatest challenge is having the necessary critical medical information to keep the soldier alive until they can reach a hospital. According to the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s Combat Casualty Care Research Program, approximately 20% of combat casualties are potentially survivable with provision of immediate, appropriate and individually targeted medical care. Our paper/poster identifies a solution aligned with the Combat Casualty Care Engineering (C3E) mission to improve care in earlier echelons. This solution uses secure, blockchain technology, in connected and disconnected environments, to supply and store specific and comprehensive health data from electronic health records and medical sensors, to treat critically injured soldiers before reaching combat support hospitals. The blockchain solution leverages artificial intelligence that identifies key parameters in the soldier’s health records. The solution can collect “wear-and-forget” physiological status monitors (PSM) and medical monitoring devices’ data. The artificial intelligence component trains on all data to improve triage and improve survivability. This paper/poster provides an approach to use blockchain technology to improve casualty care through access to pertinent health data for effective emergency treatment for injured military personnel.