Scalable Fusion Cores for Strategic Deep Space Missions

S. Lintner, S. You, M.V. Calvo
Helicity Space Inc., United States

Keywords: Deep Space Cargo, Space Defense, High-Power, Plasma Fusion Thrust, Fusion Energy

Helicity Space's mission is to enable reliable and rapid transport of heavy cargo across deep space. As such, the company is developing the first scalable fusion propulsion cores which are compact enough to fly large spaceships in short times, at anytime, and with maneuvering capabilities. By focusing on fusion exclusively with the purpose of producing high power for space propulsion, Helicity's team was able to combine a number of existing and recent proprietary discoveries into a breakthrough highly efficient plasma thruster concept. In particular, the helicity core does not require the heavy infrastructure and constraints normally associated with fusion for power generation on earth, and can be deployed as the next generation of electric plasma-thrusters which are currently deployed for low-weight deep space missions. The company was formed to bring the technology to market. The founding team has years of technical and industrial expertise (Caltech, JPL, RocketDyne), and is backed by a world-class advisory board. This is a breakthrough technology that will open up space to a new age of exploration & resource exploitation.