Non-line-of-sight imaging: How to see around corners?

S. Bauer
University of Wisconsin - Madison, United States

Keywords: Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging, Imaging, Optics, Signal Processing

Humans can’t see around corners. Neither can our cameras. We are limited to direct line-of-sight. For instance, it is impossible for a human driver or the sensors currently used in autonomous vehicles to see a person hidden by a parked truck about to step out into the path of the approaching vehicle. During a mass shooting in a school building, first responders need to find and neutralize the assassin as fast as possible. Being able to see around a corner into a corridor or room could be the difference in lives being lost. In these situations, and many others, having information about hidden scene parts – preferably a full 3D model – can help save lives and provide valuable new tools for industry. Our latest research brings us closer to application in real-world scenarios. By acquiring the travel time of diffusely scattered photons and applying suitable reconstruction algorithms, we are able to create 3D-images around corners.