Securing the Drug Supply for the US Military

R. Cunningham, K. Kaucera
Valisure, United States

Keywords: prescription drugs, generic drugs, quality control

The Trump administration sees the increasing use of Chinese-made active ingredients in drugs taken by U.S. troops and civilians as a national security risk. China has become the world’s largest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients. According to Christopher Priest, the acting deputy assistant director for health care operations and Tricare for the Defense Health Agency, “The national security risks of increased Chinese dominance of the global API market cannot be overstated,”. Valisure developed proprietary analytical technology to analyze the API, inactive ingredients, and impurities like the carcinogens responsible for recent, massive recalls of popular blood pressure medications. To deploy this technology rapidly, in 2018 Valisure launched an online pharmacy that tests every batch drugs before filling prescriptions for customers. Each prescription comes with a certificate of analysis, and there is no additional cost to the consumer. There is no other feasible way to provide 100% assurance of the quality and authenticity of the drug supply for US military personnel and their families, and there is no other pharmacy in the world with the capability to test every batch of drugs prior to filling individual prescriptions.