Manufacturing of High-Performance Nanomaterials for Defense Applications

B.T. Mackey
Engi-Mat Co., United States

Keywords: nanopowder, optical ceramic, scandate cathode, YAG, laser

Engi-Mat’s innovative atomization system enables the production of dry nanopowders and related products that support key Defense programs. Developed over 25 years, our combustion-based, chemical process provides tight control of critical particle characteristics, including elemental composition/stoichiometry and particle size. Engi-Mat uses its proprietary Nanomiser® system to produce more than 40 high-purity nanopowders (typical particle size less than 100 nm) at volumes from tens of grams to hundreds of kilograms. Our customers use our high-performance nanopowders for diverse applications that include coatings, lighting, and energy storage systems (batteries, fuel cells). We serve as the designated provider of dozens of standard nanomaterials for the Sigma-Aldrich catalog, which distributes chemicals and related materials internationally. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in SBIR/STTR development efforts with the Department of Defense and various prime contractors. Engi-Mat’s new, increased-volume production systems are capable of providing purity levels of 99.99%. Recent commercialization opportunities include the production of various optical ceramics (such as yttrium aluminum garnet, or YAG) for the U.S. Air Force and scandia/tungsten composite cathode materials for the U.S. Navy. Engi-Mat is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and production of nanopowders.