Integrated Optical Phased Arrays for LiDAR

M. Watts, C.V. Poulton, M.J. Byrd, P. Russo, B. Moss, M. Khandaker, D. Vermeulen
Analog Photonics, LLC, United States

Keywords: Silicon photonics; LiDAR; Phased Arrays; Free-space; chip-scale; solid-state; automotive.

We present high-performance integrated optical phased arrays along with LiDAR demonstrators. Record-performance optical phased array components are shown with low-power phase shifters and high-directionality waveguide grating antennas. One-dimensional 512-element optical phased arrays are demonstrated with record low power operation (<1mW total), large steering ranges, and high-speed two-dimensional beam steering. Next, by utilizing optical phased arrays, we show coherent 2D solid-state LiDAR on diffusive targets with simultaneous velocity extraction at a range of nearly 200m. In addition, we demonstrate 3D coherent LiDAR with optical phased arrays is presented with raster-scanning arrays. Finally, lens-free chip-to-chip free-space optical communication links up to 50m are shown, including a demonstration of a steerable transmitter to multiple optical phased array receivers at a 1Gbps data rate. This work shows the most advanced silicon photonics solid-state beam steering to date with relevant demonstrators in practical applications.