How Can We Speed Up?

F. Byus
Future Force LLC, District of Columbia, United States

Keywords: Technology, Adoption, Rapid, Safe, Effective

Conversations with current and former leaders of both the Navy and industry have highlighted a growing consensus for the need to deliver technology to US warfighters more rapidly, to increase the speed of technology insertion faster than our potential adversaries. However, the myriad layers of complexity in current acquisition processes, leads to a hypothesis that, in the simplest terms, what is needed for future dominance is to shift our primary focus from cost and schedule to outcomes in order to introduce new technology faster than our potential future adversaries (and much, much faster than we currently do) while keeping our systems safe (for our warfighters and others) and effective (while used by the best 18 to 25-year-old men and women available in the numbers needed). It is also likely that a much more distributed and high-speed process for technology acquisition is needed in place of the hierarchical and sequential process traditionally used. To keep up with the speed of innovation and technology development will require processes that mimic the existing dispersed and non-hierarchical technology development processes.