POST 2019 - March 4-8, 2019, Honolulu Hawai’i



Poster Presentations


TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 16:00-18:00

Advanced Materials

Thermoplastic composite and steel insert hybrid design approach: application to an automotive cross-member suspension system
L. Quagliato, Y. Kim, H. Sangun, J.H. Fonseca, H. Lee and N. Kim, Sogang University, KR

USACE Paint Technology Center Solutions
R. Wilson, US Army Corps of Engineers, US

Cyber, AI, Big Data

VirtUE- Redesigning the User Workspace using the Cloud
K.S. Long, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), US

Energy Security for the Nation
M. Hadley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US

Shrinking the Technology Gap with a National Research Center
W. Zage and D. Zage, Security and Software Engineering Research Center, US

Enhancing ROV/AUV Imagery Using Real-Time Underwater Optical Image Processing
J. Wade, ZMicro, Inc., US

Big Data Driven Risk Assessment for Mission Planning
K. Miner and T. Westerfield, US Army Corps of Engineers - Engineer Research and Development Center, US

Electronics, Sensors, Coms

Synthetic Aperture Radar from a Stratospheric Balloon
E.C. Zaugg and Y. Margulis, ARTEMIS, Inc., US

Acoustic Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Exploitation System (ARIES)
D. Alvord, A. Medda, and E. Truitt, Georgia Tech Research Institute, US

Networked Sensor Platform for Largescale Data Collection
J.A. Bert, E.D. Cocker, C.L. Chua, P. Faultley, S. M. Nonis, E.A. Ronchetto, M. Shreve, Z. Landvater, C. Paulson, PARC, US

Radar Remote Sensing for Situational Awareness and Warfighter Protection
O. Boric-Lubecke and V. Lubecke, University of Hawaii, US

Large Angle MEMS EO/IR Beamsteering
L. Starman, D. Torres, H. Hall and S. Dooley, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Residual stress measurement via digital image processing and indentation technique
M. Kim, S. Yoo, N. Kim and C. Lee, Sogang University, KR

New generation of ultrafast transmitters for 5G optical data transport
M. Osinski, G. A. Smolyakov, N. J. Withers, S. A. Nazib, T. A. Hutchins-Delgado, and H. S. Lee, University of New Mexico, US

Energy, Efficiency, Resilience

Where to spend your next dollar for maximum mission impact
D. Herway, R. Hruska, Idaho National Laboratory, US

Advanced Power and Energy Systems Research and Development at the Center for Advanced Power Systems
S. Pamidi, CAPS - Florida A&M University, US

CyberSecure Integration of Networked DER
E. Stewart, J. Helms, J. Joo, C. Lawson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

Power Sensing - Watching Electricity - Building Resiliency
H. Sanborn, G. Rodriguez, D. Hull, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, US

Deployed Force Infrastructure for Contingency Operations
G. Calfas, N. Putnam, T. Decker, M. Page, J. Burkhalter, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, US

Medical, Health & Biotech

webMAARS: web-based application for medical operational planning, accountability and assessment
S. Watford, Trifecta Solutions, US

Novel therapy for complete regeneration of functional skin in burn injuries, acute trauma and infectious disease
N.A. Sopko, I.V. Estabrooke, M.A. Marano, G.S. Mundinger, D.J. Smith, J.L. Partridge, K.A. Churukian, M.S. Granick, PolarityTE, US

Preclinical studies demonstrate neo-generation of corticocancellous bone in critical-sized orthopedic defects using a novel autologous homologous bone construct
C. Garrett, I.V. Estabrooke, G. Yalanis, D. Miller, N. Baetz, P. Labroo, S. Milner, A. Kumar, M. Nahabedian, M. Neumeister, N. Sopko, PolarityTE, US

Modeling, Simulation & Training

Maximize Training Value and Effectiveness
V. DePersio, B. Davis, VATC, US

Using System of Systems M&S and Decision Analytics to Assess Operational Energy and Inform S&T Investments
D. Anderson, Sandia National Laboratories, US


How Can We Speed Up?
F. Byus, Future Force LLC, US

Journal of DoD Research & Engineering: The Synergistic Source of S&T Innovation
J.T. Bonivel, Jr., Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), US

Advanced Monitoring and Support for the Worker to Warfighter through Augmented Reality Wearable Devices and Deep Learning Technologies
J. A. Aguiar, M.L Gong, T. Tasdizen, S. Yoon, Idaho National Laboratory, US

Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents from Absorptive Materials Using Chemical Hot Air Decontamination (CHAD)
J. Myers, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, US



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 16:00-18:00

Advanced Manufacturing

Adelphi Technology, Inc.
J.T. Cremer, Jr. and V. Dobrokhotov, Adelphi Technology, Inc., US

Advanced Materials

Mechanically robust lightweight metamaterials
J. Jancar, Brno University of Technology, CZ

Decoding Crystallography from High-Resolution Electron Imaging and Diffraction Datasets with Deep Learning
J. A. Aguiar, M.L Gong, T. Tasdizen, Idaho National Laboratory, US

Cyber, AI, Big Data

An Overview of Tagalog Human Language Technology Capabilities from the IARPA MATERIAL Program
C.Rubino, I. Zavorin, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), US

Code Duplication++
D. Zage and N. Whilte, Security and Software Engineering Research Center, US

Building a Distributed Human Sensor System across the USINDOPACOM AOR
S. Pickett, Premise Data, US

Detection and Defeat of Cyber Threats using Unintended Emissions
A. Portune, A. Brant, W. Keller, Nokomis, Inc., US

A Modern-Day Cyber ‘Bletchley Park’ in North Dakota
J. Straub, T. Traylor, North Dakota State University, US

Drones & Robotics

Development of Realtime Geospatial Tools and Infrastructure
S. Habib, University of Hawaii, US

Propeller Designs with High Efficiency for Long Range/Endurance Missions and Low Noise for Reduced Detectability
W.A. Anemaat, DARcorporation, US

Robotics and Autonomous Systems for Military Construction
A. Soylemezoglu, M. Case, M. Kreiger, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, US

Electronics, Sensors, Coms

Geospatial Intelligence of Littoral Zones using Multi-platform Topographic – Bathymetric LiDAR
J. P. Thayer, A. Gisler, C. Anderson, G.Thompson, G. Crowley, ASTRALiTe, Inc., US

Ionospheric Characterization using the RIO GPS Space Weather Monitor from Remote, Autonomous Platforms
G. Crowley, I. Azeem, A. Reynolds, E. Stromberg, A. Gisler, G.Thompson, ASTRA, LLC, US

OEM Vulnerability, CSfC and Cryptologic Certification Services
J. Thomas, B. McFadden, T. Marshall and N. Patel, CERDEC S&TCD Cyber Security Information Assurance Division/Crypto Mod Branch, US

LPI/LPD SATCOM for the Pacific
R. Lober, J. Lessner, R. Janardhan, Hughes Network Systems, US

Ultra Low Cost Infrasonic Acoustic Sensors
G. Srinivas, TDA Research Inc, US

UAV-based Scene Data Fusion for 3-D Radiation Mapping
B.J. Quiter, J. Vanderlip, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US

Energy, Efficiency, Resilience

Risk Assesment Planning and Tools for OperRations (RAPTOR)
A. Rhodes, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, US

Medical, Health & Biotech

Point-of-Care Infection Detection for the Warfighter in Far Forward Operations
P. Sammon, GeneCapture, Inc., US

Biological Threat Reduction through Networks
M. Stokes, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, US

Mobility & Transportation

Remote Assessment of Airfield Thickness and Composition for Denied Area Access
S. Howington, R. Kala, J. Ballard, M. Bray, G. Galan-Comas, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US

Modeling, Simulation & Training

Multi-Functional Radar Simulator
M. Luxion, EWA Government Services, Inc (EWA GSI), US

Maneuver Force Sensing Needs Analysis
J. Stylinski, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, US

Risk Assessment in a Disaster Relief Analytic Framework
J. Burkhalter, C. Ehlschlaeger, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, US


Utilizing a Scalable Network of Multi-role Unmanned Maritime Vessels to Support Warfighters and Provide Force Multiplier Technology in an Increasingly Complex Environment
N. Zerbe, Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc., US

An Innovative Heat Exchanger Design for Increased Thermal Efficiency
H. Kugeler, Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., US

Publishing opportunities in the Journal of DoD Research and Engineering
R.A. Makinson, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), US

Novel Decontaminant Slurry Developed at ECBC
J. Myers, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, US


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