Post Processed Foundry Fabrication of Large, Out-of-Plane MEMS Energy Harvester

John Walton, Robert Lake, LaVern Stareman,David Torres-Reyes
Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio, United States

Keywords: MEMS, energy harvester, piezoelectric

This research effort is focused on the development of a MEMS energy harvesting device using large, out-of-plane bimorph MEMS structures fabricated in the PolyMUMPs foundry process. We have shown that the PolyMUMPs process will provide an adequate base structure for the device, meeting the initial out-of-plane deflection and flexibility requirements. However, it will require some post-processing to add the required mass and piezoelectric material layers to the structure. Currently, we are evaluating various mass size and orientations using Comsol finite element modelling software and exploring piezoelectric materials and layouts for the in-house post-processing of these designs. Initial modelling has shown that this design provides the flexibility to design these devices for specific resonance applications and that can easily be integrated into an array for increased output voltage for micro power generation circuits.