Acoustic Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Exploitation System (ARIES)

D. Alvord, A. Medda, and E. Truitt
Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia, United States

Keywords: acoustics, beamforming, detection, sensing, UAVs

Due to the growing asymmetric nature of modern warfare, the DoD is facing increasing challenges in executing all aspects of the engagement chain: Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, and Assess (F2T2EA). Acoustic research in tactical sensing is underway at GTRI focused on addressing these needs in the first half of the F2T2EA chain. Acoustic Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Exploitation System (ARIES) focuses on improving sensing, detection, discrimination, tracking, and classification through more robust low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) deployable acoustic systems. Applications in acquiring acoustics onboard UAVs, ground based counter-UAS, urban live voice monitoring, man portable wearable sensing, and dismounted advances are investigated using approaches such as acoustic beamforming, advanced noise mitigation techniques, and signal processing. Results from these applications are then discussed to create a roadmap for technology development of a collaborative, multi-platform distributed sensing system to assist the warfighter with mounted/dismounted, man-portable, autonomous, and fixed sight force protection. The presentation reviews recent results from prototype development and field testing for improved warfighter situational awareness and safety.