Where to spend your next dollar for maximum mission impact

D. Herway, R. Hruska
Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, United States

Keywords: data to decisions, resource prioritization, resilience, energy security, antifragility

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved” – Charles Kettering (American Inventor). In an environment of limited funding, it's more important than ever to invest where it will have maximum benefit in improving mission success. Energy is a particularly complex problem because all military systems are dependent upon it and often the dependency extends to a vast and vulnerable infrastructure controlled by civilian entities. Improved resilience of mission due to energy disruptions starts with better problem characterization through interdependency mapping. Interdependency mapping, including dependencies on infrastructure "outside the fence", is a necessary first step helps to identify critical nodes and then prioritize resources, identify more inherently adaptable solutions, and establish a means to measure impact at those critical nodes. Interdependency mapping isn't new but advances in natural language processing and data analytics have provided the tools necessary to automate map generation with higher accuracy.