An inverter with a power efficiency beyond 100%

Osamu Ide
Clean Energy Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan

Keywords: Inverter, Transformer, The 3rd positive EMF, Faraday's law, Space-time energy

My purpose is to make a self-sustaining inverter generator so that I have been researching and developing a new clean energy source without any kind of natural resources since 1973. The power of it should be infinite. The first milestone is for house power and EV. In 1989, I found the 3rd positive EMF(electro-motive force) different from Faraday's EMF. Because the EMF I found was induced opposite direction against Faraday's EMF. Then the electrical current is accelerated by the 3rd positive EMF, and the result, output power of the device is amplified by the 3rd positive EMF. Then we got the inverter of which the power efficiency is over 100 %. Recently, I found the new technical method to get the same effect of the 3rd positive EMF in these three months. I also found this technology is easier to get enough large power and self-sastaining system for house and EV. The possiblity of the output power of the device is infinite. I am preparing the defferent Patent applying. Although I have US and Japanese Patents of the inverter driving method applying the 3rd positive EMF.