Marine passive acoustic Imagining information surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) networked situation awareness and analysis system

Arnold Kravitz
INNOVIM Defense Services, Florida, United States

Keywords: ADAR, VADAR, Acoustic holographic imaging, Port protection, Fisheries, Bathymetry, Auto mapping, Marine Situation awareness. Cross domain situation awareness

Next generation remote offshore (up to 18Km) networked acoustic sensor in large undersea arrays advances maritime situation awareness. These integrate-able arrays are passive and opportunistically use ship, and marine sounds to build and populate a virtual historic and searchable bathymetric model of the marine world. Objects are detected identified tracked and imaged in 3d. Active acoustic waveform’s transducers can be used in conjunction with the system without modification. Mapped objects include surface and sub surface vessel, stealthy objects, hazards, under-silt objects, thermal and salinity boundaries, and schooling marine life (fisheries counting).tracks, terrain features, and stealthy objects (shadows). The system detects, geo-locates, identifies and track objects at 10 Hz-66 KHz. It images with 1” at 66 KHz and 12 ” of resolution at 1 KHz. Identification is accomplished by a spectral and temporal signature match. The system maps detected objects and images into a bathymetric world map and provides a display and research portal via the internet. World maps from multiple systems across the globe are integrated by sharing information via a network or the internet providing multiple users and researchers to view a complete geophysical understanding of the global maritime environment.