Adelphi Technology, Inc.

J.T. Cremer, Jr. and V. Dobrokhotov
Adelphi Technology, Inc., California, United States

Keywords: Electronic Nose Detection of Gases, Special Nuclear Materials Detection, Trace Isotope & Element Detection, Material Composition, Associated Particle Imaging, Neutron Radiography, Multi-signature Radiation Detection

Adelphi Poster presents Adelphi Technology’s capabilities for the following: 1. Electronic Nose for handheld devices - Detection of Toxic and Explosive Gases 2. Compact, Field-Deployable Electronic Gas Detection and Analysis 3. Special Nuclear Materials Detection 4. Trace Isotope and Element Detection of Materials of Military or Homeland Security Interest 5. Material Composition – Nondestructive Testing 6. Associated Particle Imaging – Covert Imaging 7. Neutron Radiography & Tomography – Nondestructive Imaging 8. Multi-signature Radiation Detection for a. Radiation Safety b. Detection of illicit Radiation sources c. Radiation leakage d. Dirty bombs