Development of Realtime Geospatial Tools and Infrastructure

S. Habib
University of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States

Keywords: Realtime data relay system, UAS, Data analysis

The objective of this project is to to design a realtime data relay system for UAS that can be deployed in hazardous environments, reducing the need and time for physical retrieval of acquired science data from the UAS platform upon landing while UAS is performing the experiment. This can be useful in two main scenarios, natural disaster to allow input from offsite decision makers, or in the case of hazardous situations where the risk of loss of life and equipment is high. This was done in two approaches. The first approach is to transmit real time pictures to a Data Storage Wasabi S3 Bucket using NGINX software, allowing for real time manipulation and analysis of data. The second approach is a system to relay data to a cloud with a password protected video stream, allowing for almost instantaneous access to unprocessed data. A JavaScript web application was developed with live feed interaction to provide visual and mathematical analysis tools to use in real time. To further this study, we are experimenting with various sensors to transmit live data such as GPS and custom sensors being built by collaborators at UHM while also developing more advanced mathematical analysis tools.