Building a Distributed Human Sensor System across the USINDOPACOM AOR

S. Pickett
Premise Data, Virginia, United States

Keywords: Military Information Support Operations, AI, Situational Awareness, GEOINT, Information Collection

Quickly-changing dynamics on the ground, particularly in a complex operational environment (OE), challenge USINDOPACOM units’ ability to respond effectively. This challenge affects every area of operation (AO) and mission type. Readiness for today’s battlefields necessitates more information than simply identifying that an enemy is present in an AO. Managing strategic competitors or defeating violent extremist organizations (VEOs), such as ISIS, means possessing high-fidelity, rapidly-adaptive tools to enable focused situational awareness. These capabilities are essential to accurately analyzing why a threat exists, developing plans and operations to target and mitigate those threats, and denying enemies the ability to operate. Premise transforms any individual with a smartphone into a human sensor. With data science enabled by machine learning (ML), Premise’s cloud-based platform onboards and manages a global network of local data contributors via a smartphone application. Premise’s scalable, supply-side capacity of data collectors is incentivized through a dynamic micropayment marketplace system to ensure low response latency. Response outputs and data visualizations are available through the user interface or can be easily integrated directly into existing enterprise software systems like the (DCGS) or other Joint C5ISR systems available in today’s and future OEs. Premise is flexible and platform agnostic.