Utilizing a Scalable Network of Multi-role Unmanned Maritime Vessels to Support Warfighters and Provide Force Multiplier Technology in an Increasingly Complex Environment

N. Zerbe
Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc., Florida, United States

Keywords: logistics, security, AI, unmanned, maritime

As we face more lethal and disruptive battlefields over broader spectrums of distant areas of responsibility,with missions conducted at increasing speed,reach and diversity;a need exists to protect our most valuable asset,the operational warfighter.Advances in unmanned maritime systems,artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies provide new solutions.Increasingly,these solutions are emerging as COTS products.Integrating unmanned solutions,such as MANTAS,a COTS-based multi-role USV,an asset that can relieve warfighters from the hazards of maritime missions.Large numbers of these vessels(swarm and anti-swarm capable)can be rapidly mobilized over wide areas to create autonomous networks to perform and augment logistical,ISR and SAR missions previously executed by warfighters.With this network,logistics missions like ship-to-shore/ship transport can execute continuously in hazardous conditions without limitations of human safety requirements/duty cycles.This same vessel,with its high-performance specifications and persistence enables networks to perform coordinated ISR and SAR missions in inland,littoral and open water environs where there may be inordinate danger to warfighters and fatigue from extended search operations.MANTAS networks perform operations through a COP or distributed nodes with local sensor intelligence and decision-making capabilities providing warfighters with real-time situational awareness above and below the surface.Countering evolving threats with speed,safety and the appropriate force response supports our valuable warfighters