Improving the Efficiency of Rifle Marksmanship Training

Jennifer Murphy
Quantum Improvements Consulting, Florida, United States

Keywords: marksmanship, training, xAPI, human performance, training effectiveness

In this poster, we will present our ongoing work to support Army and Marine Corps basic rifle marksmanship training through improved access to trainee performance data. Behavioral data collected from simulators, training devices, instrumented ranges, and other sources across the training curriculum can be leveraged to predict trainee outcomes, support instructors, and improve resource management, among other uses. These data can be centrally stored and managed in a central repository and standardized using emerging data standards (i.e. xAPI). Our work shows it is possible to predict marksmanship qualification outcomes using a combination of paper-based measures, sensor data, and other measures. This information can be used by instructors to more rapidly diagnose shooter errors, solve shooting problems more quickly, and ultimately save the military resources.