Biometric Lifecycle Management

Glenn Copen, Jon Hammock
KeyLogic Systems Inc., West Virginia, United States

Keywords: biometrics, multimodal, contactless, lifecycle, analytics

The ASTERIA Biometric Portal System is a multi-modal contactless system designed to provide additional high-level security to existing entry control points (ECPs) by capturing face, fingers, and irises for rapid and non-stop identification of enrolled personnel. ASTERIA integrates COTS biometrics products in a configurable environment ranging from self-contained moveable units to permanent installations in buildings. Recognized as a leading implementation of multi-modal contactless systems, ASTERIA provides a rapid, accurate, and reliable system that includes simultaneous enrollment of all modalities in under 60 seconds, and throughput of 15-20 persons per minute for authentication transversal and identification. KeyLogic, under contract to NAVAIR Special Surveillance Programs (SSP), uses industry standards and best practices for the evaluation, selection, and application of biometric hardware and software across the biometrics lifecycle for ASTERIA, currently under evaluation at the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Georgia. KeyLogic interprets metrics such as accuracy, speed, and human factors impacts to drive the advancement of the government Concept of Operations. KeyLogic also provides ground support, trains users, and develops SOPs for ease of transition of ASTERIA. KeyLogic is a professional services and engineering firm supporting government customers, focusing on R&D solutions within the DOD, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement communities.