Detection and Defeat of Cyber Threats using Unintended Emissions

A. Portune, A. Brant, W. Keller
Nokomis, Inc., Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: Cyber, Cyber-Physical, Unintended Emissions, Threat Mitigation, Mission Assurance

The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Warfighter face an increasing challenge from near-peer adversaries in the form of sophisticated cyber and cyber-physical threats. The consequences of successful cyber threats continue to grow, while conventional technology for detection and defeat fails to develop apace. Successful protection from the evolving threat-space requires implementation of novel technologies that exploit the intrinsic features of microelectronics and computational systems to provide robust and resilient cyber protection. A proven means of accomplishing this is through the exploitation of unintended RF emissions from electronic devices, which have been successful used to detect malware, subverted firmware, and cyber-physical threats. Nokomis has developed advanced technology that exploits unintended emissions for detection and defeat of a wide array of cyber threats. This technology has been successfully used in multiple modalities, including for embedded monitoring against sudden change in electronic device detection. Nokomis has detected malware, software alterations, firmware subversion, counterfeit electronics, and tampered parts. The wide array of threats addressed with this technology provides a key solution to 21st century threats from near-peer adversaries.