Novel Decontaminant Slurry Developed at ECBC

J. Myers
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Maryland, United States

Keywords: slurry, CWA, decontamination

Funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Decontamination Sciences Branch has developed a sprayable decontaminant slurry (SDS) that is highly effective against multiple CWAs when used as an immediate decontaminant for military assets, such as vehicles. The SDS is a combination of solids, which provide both hydrolytic and oxidative chemistries to detoxify CWAs, coupled with a high-flashpoint solvent which facilitates extraction of CWAs from absorptive materials. Other components of the slurry are present to improve the logistical aspects, like sprayability. The SDS applies like a paint. The sprayability of the SDS was recently demonstrated at the ECBC Advanced design and manufacturing (ADM) facilities. The SDS is a logistically favorable decontaminant for warfighters because it can be made in a variety of colors, uses very little added water, and has a pot life of at least 15 days.