Clandestine Insertion of Above Water ISR

Justin Reid
Hydroid, Inc, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: Unmanned, UUV, ISR, Clandestine, Collection

Hydroid in collaboration with Sparton, Inc successfully integrated deployable canisters and possibly other payloads into a REMUS 600 to demonstrate the clandestine insertion of low observable ISR systems. For the ANTX demonstration we used a REMUS 600 which is the base vehicle for the US Navy RAZORBACK UUV, configured with a payload to deploy Sparton “Hammerhead” canisters containing UAVs (e.g. Blackwing) or other systems (decoys, EW, smaller UUVs etc as available). This demonstration simulated the over the horizon insertion of the UUV and successful deployment of the payload to conduct tactical ISR into an environment not suitable for a larger manned platform. Scenario 1.REMUS 600 UUV is deployed with payload(s) launched from boat or pier 2. UUV arrives at designated way point(s) and conducts SIGINT collect via L3 Rio Nino payload and communicates with host platform. 3. Canisters are launched from the UUV with SIGINT information uploaded from UUV. 4. UAV(s) are launched from canisters and establishes contact with C2 shore station by SOF forces ashore or USN platforms afloat for ISR and Targeting. SIGINT and video data is transmitted from UAV to C2 5. UUV continues IPOE or other mission and UAV(s) returns to rendezvous location for tasking.