POST 2019 - March 4-8, 2019, Honolulu Hawai’i



Military Dress Code:
Speakers: Class A Uniform
Attendees: Utility Uniform

Civilian/Contractor Dress Code:
For men and women, you can wear a button-down shirt (usually short-sleeved). Good-quality aloha shirts in muted colors and subtle patterns are popular. Good-quality polo shirts are acceptable, as well. T-shirts are not appropriate. Wear Khaki pants or dress slacks for men, pants or skirts for women. Women can wear floral or colorful dresses; spaghetti straps and strapless dresses and very high hemlines are not appropriate, but sleeveless dresses are fine. The rooms can be cold, so bring a light sweater if you like.

For men, wear covered shoes (oxfords, loafers) with socks. Do not wear athletic shoes, slippers (flip-flops), or other sandals. Women can wear business shoes of many types, but again, flip-flops or plastic slippers are not appropriate.

If you need to dress a little more formally during certain parts of your day, it is acceptable to put on a suit jacket or sports coat over an aloha
shirt, but, men, skip the necktie. Leave the three-piece suit at home-this is Hawaii!



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