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TechConnect is proud to announce the 2018 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards recognizing the top 15% of submitted challenge technologies as ranked by the Selection Committee. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have for the warfighter and national security.


4Front RoboticsHighly manueverable autonomous UAV for operations in highly confined spaces
Adaptive Dynamics, Inc.MAGIC® RF Interference Mitigation Filter
Adventure Tactical USA LLCBatt Mag Harvester (BMH)
Air Burners, Inc.PGFireBox Biomass Waste Elimination and Power Generation
American University of BeirutSACOS: Smart Anti-couterfieting Optical System
Apptronik Inc.High Performance Tactical Humanoid
Apptronik Inc.Lightweight Force Augmentation Exoskeleton
Aquila International LLCCounter-UAS Optical Detection-Tracking System
ARC, Inc.ARC Response
ARTEMIS, Inc.SlimSDR: Small SWaP Software Defined Radar/RF
AthosAthos Training System
AVANT Solutions Group, LLC dba AVANT Secure PCHardware Cyber Defense/secureSYS
Aventusoft LLCHEMOTAG: Cardiopulmonary Assessment System
Ayar Labs, Inc.A Low Power Optical I/O Technology for Multi-Tbps Communications
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterSustained Protection from Trauma-induced Ischemic Injury using Bioengineered Red Blood Cells (bRBCs) and Nanotherapeutics
Betula Extractives dba The Actives FactoryAccelerated wound healing using naturally occurring materials
Bitnobi, Inc.A privacy-protected data sharing platform
BlyncsyPrioritizing security response in emergency situations
Boston Micromachines CorporationModulating RetroReflector for Free Space Laser Communication
CaHill Resources, LLC WOSBaQuiRe
Cayuga Biotech, Inc.Injectable blood clotting drug for the battlefield
CircadenceProject Ares
Clarity Movement Co.Clarity Node-S & Clarity Node
Clarkson UniversityEnabling Seamless Information Flow Over Multiple Heterogeneous Wireless Links via Information-Centric Networking
ClimaCellThe HyperCast™ Dashboard and the Microweather API™
CloudParcMachine Learning and Computer Vision
CybrSecWarfighter Authentication and Secure Communication (WASC) System
Diffeo, Inc.Collaborative Intelligence for Discovery
Energy Technologies, Inc.Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation and Microgrid Management in a Tactical Environment
Exacter, Inc.Condition Assessment of Live, Operating Power Cables
Fermi National Accelerator LabA Portable High Power Electron Beam Accelerator for Water and Soil Treatment
Fibos Inc.Ultra-High Temperature Optical Pressure Transducers
FireHUD Inc.Real-time Biometric Monitoring Solution
Florida International UniversitySimultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR)
Florida International UniversityBoron Nitride Nanotube Based Advanced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites for Aerospace Applications
FoVI 3DHolographic light-field display for advanced situational awareness
FreeFall AerospaceElectronically Steerable All-Sky High-Gain Telecom System
Frostime Now IncA patented portable cooling device able to control temperature without the use of ice, dry ice or electricity / Frostime
Georgia Tech Research CorporationStructural Control of Platforms in Cross Wind Using Active Aerodynamic Bleed
Georgia Tech Research CorporationSolopulse Radar
Growing Greener Innovations, Inc.The Grengine
Harmonic Bionics, Inc.Upper-limb Exoskeleton: Harmony and Maestro
HeartSync LLPWireless biometric sensor activated emergency notification system
iBeam MaterialsLarge-area GaN devices on metal foil for optoelectronics and power applications
IDS InternationalSocial Media Environment and Internet Replication (SMEIR)
Impulse Technology LLCA self-aligning prosthetic adapter using compliant mechanism for both static and dynamic aligning.
Institute for Simulation and Training/ University of Central Florida3D Printing of Customized User Specific Exoskeleton and Prothstetic Device and Integrated Systems.
Intellisense Systems INcMicro Weather Sensor
Iowa State UniversityLarge resonant frequency shift inductive antenna sensors based on novel polymeric architectures
ITility, LLCTransforming Organic Waste into Renewable Energy Solutions
KRI ResearchStereo Hyperspectral and Full color UHD nanosat and HAPs payload and ground station for forward detection, ID and track of CBRN, fuel vapors, chemical production, textile materials and other Hyperspectral applications
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryE-band Fiber Optic Amplifier
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUltra-realistic radiation detection training, The Radiation Field Training Simulator (RaFTS)
LIFT - Lightweight Innovations for TomorrowForging and processing of Al-Li for improved performance and structural life
Manus Bio Inc.A safe, sustainable, and effective natural acaricide.
Medfield Diagnostics ABA mobile microwave and AI based, diagnose instrument to identify bleedings inside the human scull for pre-hospital acute care.
Metova CyberCENTSCyber for the Multi-Domain Operations Warfighter
Michigan State UniversityBiofilm Eradication with Aminoglycoside Combination Treatment
Miles Space, Inc.Discrete tracking of RF-silent UAS
Modus Tech-Wear LLCWalkSmart: A Smart Textile Trouser For Body Motion Capture in Dailylife
Nanoshell Company, LLCNanobiotechnology Enabled System for Continuous Blood Purification and Cancer Therapeutics
Naval Research LaboratorySelf-Decontaminating Filter Medium or Materials
North Carolina State UniversityA Light-Activated Antimicrobial Material for Combatting Infections
NuShores Biosciences LLCNuCress™ bone filler scaffold technology
Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Iowa State UniversityNovel Anthelmintic Drugs
Olis RoboticsRobotic Telework Software
One Stop SystemsMIL-STD Ion Accelerator all-flash Data Storage Unit
OptinventClear-Vu see through augmented reality display based on robust and lightweight plastic elements
OptiPulse IncLightspeed Wireless
OptisysMetal 3D printed antennas
Pearl Street TechnologiesSUGAR: Simulation with Unified Grid Analyses and Renewables
Primate Technologies, Inc.Big Visualization for Big Data / Primate
QorTek, Inc.Warfighter Universal Power Converter (WUPC)
Reebeez, Inc.Microengines that increase endurance for drones and robots
ResilientGrid, Inc.ResilientGrid Map: Common Relevant Operational Picture for ISR and the field
RoadBotics, Inc.Automated road condition surveys using advanced machine learning.
Sarcos RoboticsSarcos Robotics Guardian(TM) S Robot
SCIT Labs, Inc. and George Mason UniversityCyber Solutions and Resilience
Secure Channels, Inc.SUBROSA - Simple User Based Resource Oriented Segmentation Architecture
Secure Channels, Inc.PKMS2 - Pattern Key, Multi-Segment, Multi-Standard
SensorHound, Inc.HOUND: Monitoring IoT devices for operational health and malicious intrusions
Shower StreamShower Stream: Smarter Showers for Military and Commercial Buildings
Sierra Nevada CorporationBinary Armor®
Site 1001Building Performance and Operations Platform
Structural Composites IncStair Stepping technology to the benefit of DOD and Commercial customers - Hybrid composite/metal laminates
Switched Source LLCPower flow control for legacy grid security and microgrid interconnectivity
T-Rex Tracking CorpA Long Range Tracking System for UAVs (Drones)
TAM (Think-A-Move)SPEAR® Speech Technology and Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions
TelitLM960 Gigabit LTE datacard
TerraGo TechnologiesIoT Cyber Asset Management & Monitoring
Texas Tech University, Office of Research CommercializationBroad Spectrum Vaccine against Influenza and Anthrax
Texas Tech University, Office of Research CommercializationHybrid Mode Wireless Sensor for Tag-less Indoor Human-Oriented Localization and Identification
The University of MemphisAerosol spray processed perovskite solar cells fabricated with environmentally friendly raw materials
TruNav LLCGNSS Spoofing Detector
TrustiPhiA Measurement-Based Cyber-Resilience System
University of FloridaSurface Engineering of Metallic Biomedical Implants for Multifunctional Abilities
University of South FloridaSolid state touchchromic device for practical applications
University of South FloridaFalse Key-Controlled Aggressive Voltage Scaling: A Countermeasure Against LPA Attacks
Utah State UniversityViologens for Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery Application
Vaporsens, Inc.Nanofiber chemical sensors for selective trace detection of gas and vapor phase chemicals
VATC, Inc.CDB Builder
Vector Launch Inc.A dedicated launch service for small spacecraft
Virtualitics, Inc.Effective Data Visualization and Analytics Using Virtual and Augmented Reality
VRC Metal Systems, LLCGen III Cold Spray System
Washington University School of MedicineBiodegradable Electronics as Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems
WBGlobalSemi, Inc.High power, high performance Silicon Carbide (SiC) BJTs, drivers, avalanche diodes for aerospace, main grid, micro grid, heavy traction, industrial applications.
Westergaard Solutions, IncAeroMINE

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