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DefenseTechConnect Innovation Awards


TechConnect is proud to announce the opening of the 2018 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards recognizing the top 15% of submitted challenge technologies as ranked by the Selection Committee. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have for the warfighter and national security.

Submit your technology by June 29th for consideration:

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3DFortifyAdditive Manufacturing of Composites using Magnetically Aligned Carbon Fiber
Aces Health, Inc.Aces Clinical Trial Automation System
Adranos, Inc.High-Performance, Environmentally Clean Solid Rocket Propellant
Air Cleaning Blowers, LLCAir-Cleaning Blowers to Ventilate and Filter Health Threats from Desert Air Even During Sand Storms
Alabama A&M UniversityApplication of Phase Change Material to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency
Alakai Defense SystemsPortable Raman Improvised Explosive Detection (PRIED) system
ALLVIA Inc.TSVs, TGVs, TQVs and Wafer Bonding Capabilities for 2.5D and 3D IC and Heterogeneous Innovations
Ampex Data SystemsEmbedded Endpoint Protection
Ampex Data SystemsThreat Analysis, Situational Awareness, Rapid Response (TASAR2) for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
AMPEX Intelligent Systems"Sustained Lightning" - Using GNSS to transmit malicious code into a closed network.
Atlas Energy Systems, LLCRadioisotope Batteries and Portable Nuclear Power Supplies for Space, Military, and Remote Applications
AyuVis ResearchTriple action antibiotics to treat intra-abdominal infection and septicemia.
BCL TechnologiesGraphical Speech Recognition Tool
Benchmark Space Systems, IncSmall Satellite Chemical Propulsion System
Biomax Informatics AGNeuroXM™ A knowledge management suite for neurological data
BitfusionBitfusion Flex - Elastic GPU Infrastructure and Application Lifecycle Management for Deep learning and AI
Cuberg, Inc.Lightweight And Energy-Dense Batteries With An Unmatched Safety Profile
Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc. (CYR3CON(TM))CYR3CON(TM) Vulnerability Update(TM)
CyNET LLCMoving Target Defense based Security for Cloud Network
D-Tech, LLCArtemis™, a cybersecurity risk analytics tool
Deloitte Consulting LLPDeloitte-Siemens Digital Thread for Additive Manufacturing (DTAM)
Faridat Advanced Information SecurityF1 - The Most Secure Network in the World
FastCAP Systems Inc.Harsh Environment Ultracapacitors
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryFASPAX
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryGhost Train Generator
Fluid-Screen, Inc.Bacterial Detection in 30 Minutes: Fast Information You Can Trust
FreeFall Aerospace LLCThe Next Generation in Space Telecom and Remote Sensing Systems
Georgia Tech Research CorporationNoise suppression scheme based on phase locked loop for non-contact vital sign detection
Giner, Inc.Antimicrobial Textile Coatings
GrammaTech, IncCyber Hardening Tools
Griffith UniversityPersonal bio-warfare real time detection device
H-NanoDissolvable Metal Supports for 3D Printed Metals
Hanyang UniversityOptimal Path Planning for UAVs under Dynamic Obstacles
Hexalayer, LLCHigh Capacity Li-ion battery anode
HyperBorean, LLCWaste Heat Powered Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
IHI CorporationMan-portable Gas Turbine Generator
InfinityGatesAn inherently flexible, reprogrammable hardware for data protection and AI
iNovar CorporationTespack Virtus ultra-fast charging
Inventram A.S.A Non-Invasive Device that Decreases Internal Bleeding
Ironhawk Technologies, Inc.SmartSync® Data Replication, Compression, and Distribution Software
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics LabLaser Communications
Kansas City National Security CampusDiamond Thermal Vias embedded in Gallium Nitride Substrates
Kansas City National Security CampusUnique Chip Identification Using the Material Properties of Semiconductor Substrates
KAPALYA Inc.Advanced authenticated encryption for data stored on mobile endpoints and cloud storage
LaserMotive, IncLong Range Wireless Power Delivery
LiquidPistonAutonomous UAV for delivery of supplies with a low probability of detection
Lithium Innovations Co., LLCLithium-6 sensitized thin-film neutron detector
Luciad Inc.Application development software for mission critical situational awareness
Majigear Inc.PowerHiker
MEI Micro, Inc."3DS" MEMS Platform- The First Tactical/Navigation Grade MEMS inertial sensor system
Mesodyne, LLCMesodyne Thermophotovotaic Portable Generator
Military Wraps, Inc.Vinyl wrap systems to enhance training and CCD (Camouflage, Concealment and Deception)
Modula S IncRapidly Deployable Emergency Treatment Unit
Monterey Technologies, Inc.ViPER (Visualization, Planning, Execution & Review) mission planning tool
MSAB Inc.Drone Forensics Capture and Analysis
Neurala, Inc.The Neurala Brain for Bots and Artificial Intelligence
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyPoint-of-Care Micro Biochip for Cancer Diagnostics
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyInnovative Standalone In-Situ Nano Biochip for Instantaneous Disease Diagnostics
Nix. Inc.Nix Hydration Biosensor
Northeast Ohio Medical UniversityNovel Therapy for Bone Regeneration
Nuvotronics IncRapid, reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing for Defense and Space applications.
NuvOx PharmaNVX-428, an intravenous oxygen carrier
Ocella LLCHigh-Performance, Safe, Conformal Battery
One Eye Industries IncIndustrial Filtration Technology
OVERNEST, INC.Secure Messaging/Collaboration for Teams using Searchable Encryption/Blockchain
Paratus DiagnosticsThe PreparedNow System: A Low-Cost, Simple-to-Use Point-of-Care Device to Diagnose Gastroenteritis
Percipient.aiMirage/ Computer Vision for Full Motion Video Exploitation
PFP CybersecurityForensic Malware Detection through AI and Power Analysis
Photonic Dimensions IncInvisibility and Radar tunable nano materials and substrates
Pison TechnologyWorld’s First Ultra-Sensitive and Wearable Biopotential Sensor
PlantForm CorporationA Nerve Regeneration Drug for Acute Trauma Patients
Precision Polyolefins, LLCnPAO Based Synthetic Lubricants
SelectTech GeoSpatial Advanced Manufacturing FacilityFootprint - Sentry Eagle
SensorHound, Inc.Hound: Monitoring IoT devices for operational health and malicious intrusions
Sharp Vision Software LLCVR/AR Maintenance/Repair/Training Tool
Silent Falcon UAS TechnologiesUnmanned Aircraft Systems - Silent Falcon UAS
Sintact Medical SystemsNon-Resorbable Film Which Prevents Post-Operative Internal Scarring
Skymind Inc.Open-Source, Distributed, Deep Learning Library for the JVM
SmartPrint3D LLCFlammable/Explosive 3D Printing Filament
Solid State Ceramics, Inc.Ceramic Transformers
Surrey NanoSystems LtdVantablack - Superblack absorber coatings
Texas Tech University, Office of Research CommercializationA Simulated Radiation Detector using RFID Tags
Texas Tech University, Office of Research CommercializationA No Suture Chest Tube
Topspin Technologies Ltd.TopSpin360
Torch ResearchProactive Threat Hunting
TriboTEXSmart restorative coating from two-sided flat nanoparticles
Tsunami AR/VRVirtual and Augmented Reality Applications and Solutions
Twin Ocean Power, LLCThe Wave energy system that cappture ocean power to create renewable electricity
UbiQDQuantum Dot Luminescent Solar Concentrator
UltraTech International, Inc.Portable Backpack Welder makes certified welds and weighs only 26 lbs.
University of Nebraska-LincolnConductive Concrete Mix for Building Construction for Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding
University of Pittsburgh, Innovation InstituteARUGA: A Technology Platform for Antifouling Solutions
University of Puerto Rico-MayagüezNovel Fillers Reinforced with Nanoparticles for Aluminum TIG Welding
University of South FloridaCoauthentication: Fast and Secure Authentication Using Multiple Devices
University of South FloridaLaser Remote Detection of TATP Explosives
VerodinSecurity Instrumentation Platform
Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc.EPIC Ready
VlabsCyber Security Data Analytics & AI
Washington State UniversityElectrochemical Scaffold for Advanced Wound Management
Washington State UniversityCounter Bias Training Simulation (CBTsim)
Westinghouse Electric Company LLCWestinghouse Micro Reactor
WWPassWWPass Authentication & Secure Distributed Data Storage
XENDEE Inc.Microgrid Planning and Analysis Platform

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