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Booth Company Name
435T 3D.I.V.E.
435W 3D.I.V.E.
436T 5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)
436W 5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)
418 ABB Inc.
516 Access Intelligence
123T AccuStrata Inc
123W AccuStrata Inc
723T Advanced Biomimetioc Sensors.Inc.
338W Adyton PBC
415 Aerial Applications
222T Air Force Research Laboratory
222W Air Force Research Laboratory
428W AlchLight
302 ALEX – Alternative Experts, LLC
535T Alpine Advanced Materials
535W Alpine Advanced Materials
401 Amazon Web Services
104 Ames Laboratory
116 Analog Computing from Ocius Technologies
315 Analog Photonics
538T AntiRadical Therapeutics
538W AntiRadical Therapeutics
127T Applied Spectra Inc
215 Aquiline Drones
326T Articulate Labs
702 Aventior, Inc.
726W Aventusoft LLC
119 Azimuth, Inc.
705 Badger Meter, Inc
214 Base Camp Connect
136T Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.
136W Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.
416 Bastille
325T Belarc, Inc.
325W Belarc, Inc.
531T Benchpedia, LLC
531W Benchpedia, LLC
730T Big Metal Additive
730W Big Metal Additive
332W Bio1 Systems
632T Bishop Ascendant Inc
632W Bishop Ascendant Inc
603 Black and McDonald
120T Botanisol
120W Botanisol
613 Canavisia USA
519 Capital Technology University
429T Carnegie Mellon University
624T Centerline Biomedical, Inc.
619 CentralSquare Techologies
137T ChemImage
331T Chronic Pain Research Consortium, Duquesne University
524T Circumstants Inc
226W Cirrus Materials Science LImited
517 CleanTech Strategy
711 ClearWorld
324W Conform-a-Care
225T Cytophage Technologies Inc.
225W Cytophage Technologies Inc.
527T Department 13, Inc.
703 DFHV
600 DHS National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS)
625W Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc.
723W Dimonoff inc
422W Doclink + Hyperdrive Science
204 DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office
540T Dynamic Oxygen Enrichment Engineering, LLC
540W Dynamic Oxygen Enrichment Engineering, LLC
514 EastBanc Technologies
124T ECMedical
124W ECMedical
105 EPA SBIR Program
328T EpiBone, Inc.
328W EpiBone, Inc.
217 Epner Technology
312 Ergotech
712 Facility Solutions Group
122T Fend Incorporated
122W Fend Incorporated
515 FlashParking
313 Gasmet Technologies Inc.
316 Gen2, LLC
727T GeneCapture, Inc.
727W GeneCapture, Inc.
522T Geneinfosec
522W Geneinfosec
327W Geopipe
307 Georgia Tech
722W GRID20/20, Inc.
518 Hanwha Techwin America
223W Helicoid Industries Inc.
413 IDC
424T IDS International
429W IDS International
614 IMSM Inc.
423T Inergy
423W Inergy
231T Innovision, LLC.
231W Innovision, LLC.
322T Intilop, Inc
322W Intilop, Inc
235W IR Dynamics
615 Iteris
207 ITility
113 Jameson & Company LLC
329T KCI Technologies, Inc.
707 Local Motors by LMI
431T MAGO Technology
431W MAGO Technology
332T McMaster University
536T Metro Aerospace LLC
536W Metro Aerospace LLC
525W Microbial Pulse Diagnostics
629W MicroPower Global
203 Microtron Technologies, Inc.
618 Military Battery Systems
417 MIQ Partners
103 Missile Defense Agency SBIR/STTR
306 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
414 Modus Operandi, Inc.
326W MolyWorks
419 Momentum Telecom
529T Namatad
726T National Energy USA
500 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
529W Naval Postgraduate School
630T Navega Therapeutics
630W Navega Therapeutics
202 Navy SBIR/STTR Programs
229T Neuro Rehab VR
229W Neuro Rehab VR
437T NIRSleep Inc
107 NOAA
400 Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
427T Novum Nano, LLC
318 NuShores Biosciences
102 Office of the Secretary of Defense Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E))
735T Omnispace
735W Omnispace
412 One Stop Systems
512 OpenDataSoft
117 Optowares, Inc.
602 Oracle Public Sector
127W Pajarito Powder, LLC
335W Pathogo, LLC
427W Polaris Semiconductor LLC
228W Power Analytics Corporation
425T Premise Data Corporation
425W Premise Data Corporation
709 Proterra
626W PROTXX, Inc.
631T QESST Solar Power Lab
631W QESST Solar Power Lab
407 RAD
301 Raytheon
714 Recycle Track Systems, Inc.
137W Renewable Ocean Energy Inc
506 Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster
118 Ridgetop Group Inc.
635T RTM Vital Signs LLC
635W RTM Vital Signs LLC
437W Rugged 3D
722T RunSafe Security, Inc
129T SafetySpect Inc.
129W SafetySpect Inc.
314 Sc2 Corp
115 Scantron Robotics
319 SecureFoundry
601 Securis
213 Security Engineered Machinery
125T Select Engineering Services
125W Select Engineering Services
130T Sensogram Technologies, Inc.
130W Sensogram Technologies, Inc.
216 Servenity
528T Sesame Solar Inc.
528W Sesame Solar Inc.
636T SiDx, Inc.
636W SiDx, Inc.
721T SimVentions
721W SimVentions
719 SixPoint Materials
537T Solid Power
537W Solid Power
422T Sonavi Labs
430W Steelhead Composites
212 Stephenson Technologies Corporation
110 Surface Optics Corporation
317 SurfTec
230T Syracuse University
230W Syracuse University
108 Tardigrade Industries, LLC.
106 TechOpp Consulting, Inc.
408 Techstars
513 TerraGo Technologies
724W terraplasma medical GmbH
406 Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization
724T The George Washington University
338T The University of Arizona
300 Threat Tec
616 TLC Products
430T TransDAC LLC
114 TriboTEX
729T Tricol Biomedical, Inc.
201 U.Group
501 Ubicquia
219 Unanet
612 Underground Refuse Systems
428T Unicus Pharmaceuticals, LLC
624W United Aircraft Technologies
235T University of Otago
232T Valisure
232W Valisure
626T Vastra Inc.
112 Waterfull
224T Wayne State University
218 Westinghouse Electric Company
700 Zendesk


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