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Booth Company Name
100 AtWork Systems, Inc.
101 Secure Channels Inc.
102 Teamspeak Systems Inc.
103 Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization
106 Ellisys
108 RINI Technologies
109 Fermilab
110 Rave N.P.
111 Utah State University
112 ITility
114 Apptronik, Inc.
115 VRC Metal Systems
116 Modus Operandi, Inc.
117 SecureFoundry
118 ClimaCell
119 IMSM Inc.
200 University of South Florida
202 Florida State University - Center for Advanced Power Systems - CAPS
207 Florida International University - AMERI
208 U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
209 Unmanned Systems and Solutions
210 AeroInnovate University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
214 Jameson & Company CPAs
215 Technical Systems Integrators, Inc.
216 Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company
217 Luna Innovations
218 Primate Technologies, Inc.
219 One Stop Systems
300 Kansas City National Security Campus
301 CybrSec
306 Georgia Tech
307 Dexter Edward LLC
308 iSign
309 Aquila International
314 IntelliSense Systems
315 Phelps2020
316 ForgeRock
317 Feel Good, Inc.
318 VATC
319 Rampant Technologies
401 Ubicquia
406 Situalis
408 Missile Defense Agency SBIR/STTR
410 Navy SBIR/STTR Programs
411 United States Special Operations Command SBIR
414 Unanet
415 Iteris
416 Mimyr
417 DimOnOff
418 FreeFall
501 Anixter
508 U.S. Small Business Administration
509 Bosch
511 Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Office
514 Neighborly
516 3-GIS Network Solutions
517 Fybr
518 TerraGo Technologies
519 Victor Stanley, Inc.
609 PayIt
610 Department of Commerce, NOAA
611 Gannett Fleming
615 PennSMART
617 Peter Witts CPA PC
618 Waycare
619 URBANARBA Smart City Marketing & Communications
701 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
705 Teradata
708 ZenCity
709 Dell
710 Community Data Platforms
711 CA Technologies
713 Site1001
718 CityBase
719 Proterra
122T Frostime Now Inc.
122W Frostime Now Inc.
123T Transit X
123W Transit X
125T Clarkson University
125W Pearl Street Technologies
126T Profound Technologies, Inc
126W Blyncsy
127T Nanoshell Company
127W Nanoshell Company
128T Electrolyte
128W SCIT Labs, Inc. and George Mason University
129T OPEX Systems LLC
129W Mynaric USA
130T Pintail Power LLC
130W Sierra Nevada Corporation
131T Bitnobi, Inc.
131W Bitnobi, Inc.
135T HEKA Aero LLC
135W HEKA Aero LLC
136T Szechenyi Istvan University
136W Optinvent
137T Iowa State University
137W Iowa State University
220T Circadence
220W Circadence
222T Athos
222W Athos
223T Gifu Keizai University
223W Gifu Keizai University
224T Mission Multiplier
224W RoadBotics
225T Intafel Corp
225W Vector Launch, Inc.
226T Optisys
226W Optisys
227T SubSeaSail LLC
227W SubSeaSail LLC
228T Diffeo
228W Clarity Movement Co.
229T Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
229W EduWorks
230T Westergaard Solutions, inc
230W Westergaard Solutions, inc
231T Growing Greener Innovations Inc
231W Growing Greener Innovations Inc
232T University of Sharjah
232W University of Sharjah
235T Rationative Systems
235W Shower Stream
236T Pathfinder Labs, Inc.
236W Pathfinder Labs, Inc.
237T Ariel Scientific Innovations, Ltd.
237W T-Rex Tracking Corp
238T Sonera Magnetics
238W Sonera Magnetics
320T WBGlobalSemi, Inc.
320W WBGlobalSemi, Inc.
322T Voi
322W Voi
323T NuShores Biosciences LLC
323W NuShores Biosciences LLC
324T Los Alamos National Laboratory
324W Los Alamos National Laboratory
325T Griffith University
325W Griffith University
326T Real Time Innovations
326W Real Time Innovations
327T dMASS, Inc.
327W dMASS, Inc.
328T Washington University School of Medicine
328W Level Effect, LLC
329T BNNano, Inc.
329W BNNano, Inc.
330T Vita Inclinata Technologies
330W Vita Inclinata Technologies
331T AVANT Soultions Group, LLC. dba AVANT secure PC
331W AVANT Soultions Group, LLC. dba AVANT secure PC
332T University of Florida
332W Energy Technologies, Inc.
335T KYM Advisors Inc.
335W KYM Advisors Inc.
338T Vaporsens, Inc
338W Virtualitics
420T JumpStart Wireless Corporation
420W SimpleUAVs
423T Spartan Innovations
423W Spartan Innovations
424T IDS International
424W IDS International
425T Medfield Diagnostics AB
425W Secure Silicon LLC
426T S-10 Security Ltd
426W S-10 Security Ltd
427T Boston Micromachines Corporation
427W Switched Source LLC
428T University of Central Florida
428W Prometheus Computing
429T LinkDyn Robotics
429W LinkDyn Robotics
430T Modus Tech-wear LLC
430W Modus Tech-wear LLC
431T TrustiPhi, LLC
431W TrustiPhi, LLC
432T LIFT - Lightweight Innovation Institute
432W LIFT - Lightweight Innovation Institute
435T WCB Robotics Inc.
435W WCB Robotics Inc.
436T Road Surfer
436W Road Surfer
437T SurfTec
437W SurfTec
438T Emita Solutions
438W Emita Solutions
520W Advanced Engineering Solutions
522T Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
522W Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
523T Adventure Lights Inc.
523W Adventure Lights Inc.
524T Optipulse
524W TruNav LLC
525T Impulse Technology LLC
525W Miles Space, Inc.
526T BluHaptics (dba Olis)
526W BluHaptics (dba Olis)
527T Exacter, Inc.
527W Exacter, Inc.
528T JTAG Technologies, Inc.
528W HeartSync LLP
529T Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions Ltd.
529W University at Buffalo-SUNY
530T ResilientGrid, Inc.
530W ResilientGrid, Inc.
531T NeuEsse Inc.
531W OrthoMend Research Inc
532T Manus Bio
535W Georgia Southern University
536T North Carolina State University
536W 4Front Robotics
537T SmartEnergi Corp
537W Membrion Inc
538T Adaptive Dynamics, Inc.
540T TriboTEX
540W H Quest Vanguard, Inc
620T Metova Federal, LLC CyberCENTS
620W Rowan University
622T CloudParc
622W CloudParc
623T Unimar / IoTRight
623W Unimar / IoTRight
625T American University of Beirut
625W American University of Beirut
626T ABM Nano LLC
627T Nokomis Inc
627W Nokomis Inc
628T CaHill Resources
628W CaHill Resources
630T Harmonic Bionics, Inc.
630W Harmonic Bionics, Inc.
631T Betula Extractives dba The Actives Factory
631W Fibos Inc.
632T Telit
632W Telit
636T TXL Group, Inc.
636W TXL Group, Inc.
720T Noninvasix
720W iBeam Materials, Inc.
721T Think-A-Move, Ltd.
721W Think-A-Move, Ltd.
722T Air Burners
722W Air Burners
723T Ayar Labs
723W Aventusoft LLC
724T FireHUD Inc.
724W FireHUD Inc.
725T Omnia Ltd.
725W Cayuga Biotech, Inc.
726T Rez Turbine Technology
726W The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
727T SensorHound, INC.
728T ARTEMIS, Inc.
728W ARTEMIS, Inc.
730T Sarcos Corp.
730W Sarcos Corp.
731T University of South Carolina Upstate
731W The University of Memphis
732T ARC, Inc.
732W Reebeez
735T Structural Composites Inc.
735W Structural Composites Inc.


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