Big Science Facilitites Summit

Big Science Facilities Summit

TCE is proud to announce this inaugural summit on Tuesday November 16th with a symposium on Leveraging Europe's Big Science Infrastructure. Preliminary Program: 

ESS/Max IV Keynotes Discussion

An overview of the ESS and MaxIV facilities, followed by a discussion on the role that these facilities can play in providing value and impact to the innovation ecosystem

Pan-European Facilities for industry research

Showcase of the Big Science facilities across Europe with representatives who facilitate industry use of these facilities and will discuss how various levels of industrial research can benefit from these resources.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Ed MitchellEd Mitchell

Head of Business Development
European Synchrotron (ESRF)

Antonio BonucciAntonio Bonucci

European XFEL

Aleš HálaAleš Hála

Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer
ELI Beamlines

Anne-Charlotte JoubertAnne-Charlotte Joubert

Project Coordinator
ESS and ENRIITC, Sweden

Caroline BoudouCaroline Boudou

Industry Contact officer

Sabine BrockSabine Brock

Industry Relations Manager/Dep Chief Technology Officer

Martina BauerMartina Bauer

Innovation Manager and Technology Liasion Manager, Technology Transfer Unit
GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany

Workshops for various facility affiliated scientists and representatives including ICO's, ILO's, and service providers over lunch.

All TCE participants will be able to choose 1 workshop to attend:

  1. Accelerating Innovation through Europe's Research Facilities: Access, funding, expertise and more
    Target audience:
    Corporates and SME's with some or limited experience with big science facilities, but with the desire to get more involved.
    Let the big science facilities open a window to unknown territories and out of the box perspectives to fuel your innovation.

  2. Bridging Research with Industry: engaging through intermediary service providers
    Target audience:
    Corporates and SME's with a challenge to be solved and a primary interest in the solution.
    Focus on the solution to a challenge by letting experts work in your interest and favour when accessing big science facilities.

  3. Best Practices for Europe's Big Science Facilities: Logistics, analysis, data handling and more
    Target audience:
    Experienced and other related users of big science facilities with interest in improved and new ways of working.
    Opportunity to customize your requirements and constraints when engaging with big science facilities and get inspired by new possibilities and ideas.

Case studies

Showcase examples of a variety of industry research areas that have been successfully addressed and impacted by Big Science facilities

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Helen SjögrenHelen Sjögren

Principal Scientist
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Simon JacquesChemical imaging as a tool to understand loss of performance in commercial batteries
Simon Jacques

Managing Director, Finden



Kajsa PaulssonKajsa Paulsson

A. Professor
Lund University

Anna StenstamAnna Stenstam

CR Competence

Jimmy Binderup AndersenJimmy Binderup Andersen

Head of Innovation and Industry

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